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Move over traditional banks and lending institutions, there's a new and more convenient way of financing real estate property in record time that's sweeping the country through the use of private and hard money lenders. Get this, no minimum credit score or tax returns required, funding can be as fast as one week.

If you're a seller needing to sell, a buyer looking to purchase, or, a real estate agent who's sick and tired of stressing whether or not a buyer qualifies, or, will the property you just listed on the mls will sell before your listing agreement with the seller expires, or resulting in you having to reduce your sellers listing price, then, you owe it to yourself to try a different approach to selling property, other than the old, slow customary methods. Here's the catch, if your seller is able to carry a 50% note secured by a 2nd deed of trust for 12 months, be willing to receive 50% of the appraised value of the property in escrow with the 50% note being paid in full within the specified time as a balloon payment, with no prepayment penalties, you could sell every piece of property listed on the mls in record time, period. Call us, experience the difference. Many of the top performing Real Estate Agents, whether national or international, at some period in their careers will utilize the services of Omega Probe Inc., to boost their yearly sales, why not you. Posted February 01, 2022

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