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99.9% of Licensed Real Estate Agents, globally, are use to, or only know of one way of endeavoring to sell real estate property, Therefore, they automatically approach selling property in the traditional manner, which is, farm to get listing, agree with the seller for a commission fee of (6%) more or less of the final selling price, then, begin the arduous journey of applying various means of marketing, which includes, Multi listing system, flyers, and open houses. Open house is one of the most inconvenience way of selling, because, it displace the sellers for hours, unless the home is empty. If, the home doesn't sale in a certain period of time, usually (90) days, the frustrated seller, with the agent most likely lowers the asking price which automatically, just lost money for the seller and the agent. If through the agent's efforts an offer is made and accepted, there's the waiting period of at least (30 to 45) days closing especially with the traditional bank. This phase of purchasing we call the "pins and needle period", meaning, just because the buyer is pre-qualified, that doesn't mean the buyers loan is approved. If the buyer can't close, then the process of endeavoring to sell the property again, start all over, simply tedious.

From coast to coast, we have some of the most successful licensed real estate agents in the business that aide their success with doing business with our firm. First, before they introduce a potential purchase to us, they know if their deal is accepted, the purchase will close quickly, there are no open house to deal with, the seller will receive their full appraised value price, their commissions are paid, and they are on their way to selling their next property. In almost all of our real estate deals with agent, the agent becomes a dual agent, representing the buyer and seller. Can it get any better than that.

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