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If you're endeavoring to ascertain real estate of any kind, globally, you're in the right place. Omega Probe Inc., does not purchase or sell real estate of any kind, we merely, act as a liaison that broker the purchase, financing and remarketing of the transaction from beginning to the end of the transaction. We bring seller, buyer and lender together in record time to complete the transaction.

If you're a seller, we can get a buyer for your home in as little as 3 days of listing the property with us for sale, of course, for the full appraised value, and can close in as little as 1 week, contingent upon the complexity of the deal.

If you're a buyer, we can find you a home according to your specifications in as little as 3 days of registering your request with us. If you need funding, regardless of your credit score, we can get you funded at 50% LTV or more, within one week of entering into escrow. We don't use traditional banks, Therefore, no tax returns, no credit scores are needed. Our funding is based on the equity of the home you are purchasing and your ability to pay your monthly payment. Funding is made possible through the use of private and hard money lenders. So, if you're a buyer or seller, we can help.

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